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#1 2010-07-11 20:53:13


How to configure access to MySQL in SqlDbx

Version 3.46 beta introduces support for MySQL.
Currently support is provided through MySQL ODBC driver.
In order to use it with SqlDbx you do not need to install MySql ODBC.
The only requirement is that driver located somewhere where
SqlDbx can find it, for example in a same directory where SqlDbx.exe.
Driver can be download from:


Download ZIP version with no install. Open it and extract file myodbc5.dll to SqlDbx directory.
This will allow you to connect to MySQL by selecting it from "DBMS Type" combo box on the login screen
There's two ways to specify port number if it is different from default (3306).
1. Specify server name as SERVER:PORT
2. Add line PORT=port_number to Options edit box.


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