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#1 2018-01-29 16:15:42


Can't query MS SQL if schema not dbo

I've got some MS 2016 SQL Databases that have a schema assigned other than the default dbo.  When I query those databases using SQLDBX Pro 5.11 I receive an error. For example, if I query the Wide World Importers sample db table External Sales.Cities I receive the message:

Invalid object name 'WideWorldImporters.External Sales.Cities' .. Error 208. SQLSTATE 42S02. Severity 16. MsgState 1. Line 1.

The database works as expected if using Microsoft's SQL Server Management Console.

This issue seems to arise in other databases which have assigned a schema.

The other interesting issue in this particular database is that SQLDBX doesn't seem to be able to see all of the tables.  All of the tables in the sample db are visible in the Microsoft tooling, but are not visible in SQLDBX.


#2 2018-05-23 00:14:47


Re: Can't query MS SQL if schema not dbo

Hi. Try using this name.

[WideWorldImporters].[External Sales].[Cities]



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