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#1 2012-04-27 14:20:17


Sqldbx Pro Error connecting to DB2 ZOS Sysroutines

Trying to make a connection to a DB2 ZOS Mainframe system, I received the following error during the connect process , I am then left without any views of tables, views etc..but can run some Admin functions...

Error is
'username' does not have priv to perform operation SELECT on object sysibm.sysroutines. SQL state 42501

Why would Sqldbx be trying to read the sysibm tables just to make a connection for the purpose of runing general queries against end user table structures..

Having problem in general connecting to any DB2 ZOS systems...

Is there possibly a need to have certain Db2 system changes or configurations put in place before attempting connects to such systems..

Thanks in advance..


#2 2012-04-27 15:28:51


Re: Sqldbx Pro Error connecting to DB2 ZOS Sysroutines

On connect SqlDbx retrieves the names of the objects from the database.
To retrieve procedure names it needs select permission to sysroutines table.
Your DB2 installation denies select permission to your login


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