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#1 2018-06-12 10:48:57


Incorrect behavior when a column name contains a dot

If a column name has a dot character in it (".") the behavior of the SqlDbx user interface is inconsistent when that column is part of a constraint. Here is how to reproduce this behavior.

If you create a table like this:

create table test_dot1([a.b] int not null primary key)

, when you right-click un the UI and choose "Script CREATE", the constraint is written "primary key (a.b)", and this is cleary invalid: "a" is taken as a schema name.

If the name of the column has the sequence dot-space, like in:

create table test_dot2([a. b] int not null primary key)

, the behavior is even worse. The constraint, when asking for the sql code, is "primary key (a.[ b])", and probably for the same reason the column is not recognized in the user interface, i.e. the column is not marked with the "p" flag to indicate the pk.

I believe that your decision to quote the column names, that is now correct in the code you use to build the column names, needs to be extended in the code you use to build the name of the columns in the constraints. Apparently in that case you do not consider the dot as a legitimate part of the column name!

I am using the Professional version 3.11, 64 bit, no unicode.



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