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#1 2018-06-04 17:09:21


Few bug reports

Hi, have a few potential bugs to report,  version 5.10, Professional edition.

1) Intellisence - when same table name apears in two different schemas (Oracle)
For example SCHEMA1.EMPLOYEES and SCHEMA2.EMPLOYEES, I'm connected as SCHEMA1. In editor, when I write  SCHEMA2.EMPLOYEES intellisence ignores schema prefix and always returns columns from SCHEMA1 user.

2) Packages cannot be expanded (double clicked)
When packages contain procedures with no input parameters, you can't see them in list of procedures from that package. Therefore you cannot script execute them.

3) Editor "Find in script" disabled buttons issue
Selecting a previously executed search from "Find what" drop-down does not enable the "Find next" and "Find all" buttons. You have to then type something into "Find what" to make them enable again.



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